Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver to many locations throughout NSW. Simply enter your postcode at the checkout to receive a live quote on delivery to your area. 

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes. You can buy them in store or, if you don't live nearby but the person you're buying for does, contact us on 02 4365 5017 to arrange for a gift voucher to be sent to you.

Are your products covered by warranties?

When you buy a piece of teak or mahogany furniture from us, you are buying a unique man-made piece from Indonesia. We guarantee that each piece is hand-made in solid timber. Please note that movement is to be expected in all timber furniture (excluding chipboard and manufactured timbers), including our furniture. All timbers will expand and contract with climate conditions. As the timber we use is forest-friendly plantation timber it is quite young, therefore the panels of timber are not wide, and most times a couple of pieces of timber make up each top, side, base, drawer and shelf. (Please note, rainforest timber is old and therefore panels used from rainforest timber would be much larger and much more expensive). When the timber shrinks, as a result of dry conditions, these panels may split apart and leave a gap. We guarantee that this movement will not interfere with the functionality of the piece, that is, your entertainment unit will still function very well as an entertainment unit, whether it has movement or not.

Please remember, all furniture is hand made by local craftsmen, whose knowledge has been passed down from father to son. Therefore, all our furniture is sold “as-is”, and each piece may possess minor imperfections and blemishes, that add to its character and intrinsic beauty. Should you want a more perfect finish, you need look to machine manufactured furniture, made from man-made materials.

Care Instuctions

Give your piece/s a full oil and wax (we recommend Howard Restor.A.Finish and Howard Feed-N-Wax) every month. In dryer months (or dryer conditions, such as air-conditioning, a fireplace or central heating), use a spray beeswax or orange oil (Howard Orange Oil) each fortnight. Think of timber like your skin, if your skin is dry, you need moisture and so does timber. Dry timber looks dull; by applying wax it will bring up the beautiful grains of your piece and will help minimize movement in your furniture. Remember, timber is grown and not man-made, so there will be movement depending on the season, and waxing acts as a fill for gaps that may be caused by such movement.

Please Note

Gaps in your furniture caused by movement of timber are not a fault – it is a normal part of owning solid timber furniture. In very dry conditions, even hundred/s year old antique pieces can split.
1. Keep your piece out of direct sunlight. Do not place timber furniture in direct sunlight, especially under a glass window – as this is magnified sunlight and it is very damaging for timber.
For regular cleaning: Fortnightly we recommend an oil spray (Howard Orange Oil).
Daily: Simply wipe over your furniture with a wet chux cloth. (Do not use Mr Sheen like products as it is silicon based and will dry the timber out).


• Please note that a receipt must be shown for any warranty claim – we will not honour warranty without proof of purchase.
• The Import Warehouse offers to repair or replace faulty items, which are those items that do not fulfill the purpose for which they are sold or incur an imperfection which is not defined above as being a result of man-made, solid timber furniture, within 12 months from original purchase date, only if care instructions have been followed. The customer is responsible for returning the piece/s to the store of purchase (for repair or exchange), and for returning the piece/s home.
• If care instructions are not followed, then you are voiding your warranty. Refunds will only be accepted if the product is faulty, within 7 days of the original purchase date. If refund is required, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay any delivery costs associated with the safe return of the furniture back into store.

What's your exchange policy?

The Import Warehouse understands that it can be hard to visualise how a piece of furniture or homewares will display in the home and are happy to exchange all purchases within 7 days. Full receipt must be presented for exchanges. The return of goods to The Import Warehouse Erina is the responsibility of the purchaser and The Import Warehouse Erina reserves the right to inspect all goods prior to processing the exchange. 

Where are your timber products sourced from?

These days there's plenty of concern about whether timber products are being sourced from sustainable plantations. The Indonesian government is focused on wiping out illegal log trading and, in support of this move, our Indonesian timber furniture is bought only from government sanctioned companies. We also receive timber furniture from India. 

How do you choose your products?

We look overseas for the latest trends as well as proven favourites, but we also listen to what our customers tell us they'd like to see. 

Why are your products so cheap?

We deal directly with overseas suppliers, rather than with local agents who add on a fee for representing manufacturers. Our buying group also commits to bulk purchases to secure the lowest possible prices.